We also have many weekdays open!

Don't see the dates that you're looking for?  Please contact us, we'd love to help!


For questions or to secure your dates call:

(559) 683-4938

Available Dates for your group:

August 12-17 (Timber Mountain)
August 20-22 (Timber Mountain)
August 27-31 (Timber Mountain)
September 1-7 (Timber Mountain)
September 17-21 (Timber Mountain)
September 24-30 (Timber Mountain)
October 1-5 (Timber Mountain)
October 8-12 (BOTH Camps)
October 24-31 (BOTH Camps)
November 16-30 (Camp Sugar Pine)
December 1-12 (Camp Sugar Pine)
December 17-31 (Closed for Christmas)

January 1-11 (Camp Sugar Pine)
January 14-18 (Camp Sugar Pine)
Jan 28- Feb 8 (Camp Sugar Pine)
February 11-14 (Camp Sugar Pine)
February 18-28 (Camp Sugar Pine)
March 1-25 (Camp Sugar Pine)
Mar 30 - Apr 11 (Camp Sugar Pine)
April 20-25 (Camp Sugar Pine)