Help Impact Lives for Christ with the Sugar Pine Ministry

Biblical Principles

At Sugar Pine, we believe that we are called to present opportunities of need and allow God to move givers’ hearts to give whatever amount He reveals to them as their proper participation. Our beliefs are based on sound Biblical principles.

  • The process of generosity begins when we recognize the generosity that Jesus gave to each of us.
  • Everything belongs to God.
  • By accepting our God-given role as stewards rather than owners, we recognize that everything we have is God’s; entrusted to us for a period of time, to use as He directs.

  • Gift Designations

    Unless otherwise specified, financial gifts to the Sugar Pine ministry will be applied to:

  • Operations: the everyday expenses required to effectively operate the ministry.
  • Scholarships: financial assistance to kids and families who wouldn’t be able to experience the Christian camping experience.
  • Capital Improvements: projects designed to improve the camping experience that couldn’t be funded through normal operations.
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