If Not Sugar Pine, Where?

As a non-profit Christian ministry, our future depends on God’s blessings. Part of His blessings is to lead organizations and individuals to Sugar Pine. The groups and individuals we host, and the Signature Camps we sponsor, allow us to meet our mission of Impacting lives for Christ through exceptional camping experiences.

Those that consider Sugar Pine for their hosted camping needs honor us. Based on the numbers of referrals we receive and the feedback from our guests, we provide a very valuable and life-changing experience. We pray that Sugar Pine will have the opportunity to meet your needs and expectations.

We are neither egotistical nor self-centered enough to think that Sugar Pine Christian Camps is for everyone. There is an increasing number of times that our Signature Camps are full or specific dates not available for Guest retreats.

If for some reason Sugar Pine and your organization are not meant to partner in camping at this time, there are other Christian Camps that are worthy of consideration. These camps are all friends of ours and we know them well. We have included web site links for each. So check out these friends. 

Hartland Christian Camp (CA)  -  www.hartlandcamp.com

Hume Lake Christian Camps (CA)  -  www.humelake.org

Black Lake Bible Camp (WA)  -  www.blacklakebiblecamp.com

Mt. Hermon (CA)  -  www.mounthermon.org

Camp Oakhurst (CA)  -  www.campoakhurst.org

Camp Berachah (WA) - www.campberachah.org